Saturday, May 12, 2007

Pat A Cake , Pat A Cake...

Baking from fellow Bloggers - Banana Cake

Baking - I dreaded that very word for a long time. Recently though, after reading all the blogspots and after being around with friends who love baking, I find myself getting the motivation to try it more often. I should also give credit to my 20 month old daughter. She loves cakes and I didn't want her to eat the ones we get outside that are loaded with sugar. So, I had to find alternate ways of giving her that in a more healthy, home made form.

I came across this "Banana Cake" in the "Aayi's Recipes" website. I love the blogger's way of cooking. The only modification I did was to decrease the amount of sugar to 1/2 cup and substitute it with an extra 3/4th of banana. The outcome is a moist, oh so soft cake that you can sink your teeth into. Kiddo and hubby dearest loved it. Its a very easy to make recipe, serves as a quick snack for your toddler.